Terra Bio Azadirachtin, a concentrated extract derived from the Neem kernel, provides a broad-spectrum pest control for fruits, vegetables and plantation, crops, turf, greenhouses, ornamentals & agricultural crops. Research has shown that the presence of Azadirachtin in the insect body causes hormonal imbalances which result in unsuccessful molts (i.e., death), or heavily deformation. Azadirachtin has also been shown to paralyze the mouthparts of many species of insects, which causes them to die slowly of situation anti feeding effect. Highest quality neem seed is sourced from south of India. The seed is decorticated and the resultant kernel undergoes a unique extraction process, in which high purity Azadirachtin along with other limonoids are extracted. The extract is stored in advanced cold storage to ensure longer shelf life & better bio-efficacy.


18 to 25% W/W


Azadirachtin Technical purity – 18% to 25% w/w
Enables EC and WSC neem formulations
Enables EC and WSC neem formulations
Formulation concentration can vary from 1500 ppm to 50000 ppm
An effective bio-pesticide, versatile & easily bio degradable
Effective against 300 insect species, mites, termites, nematodes and fungi
No resistance, resurgence & residues problem


1kg, 2kg, 5kg ,10kg, 15kg, 20kg ,25kg, 50kg
PP Bags / HDPE Bags
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